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SCHOOL CALENDAR 2017-18 (Click to open)

2017-18 Standardized Testing

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade:  Estimated time per test – 8 hours (split over 5 days)

Grade K – Fall & Spring – Iowa Test of Basic Skills (Lvl 5/6 Form E)

Grade 1  – Fall & Spring – Iowa Test of Basic Skills (Lvl 5/6 Form E)

Grade 2  – Fall & Spring – Iowa Test of Basic Skills (Lvl 7 Form E)

The following grades are required by law to take these selected Ohio State Tests (OST).  Estimated time per test – 2.5 hours per test.

Grade 3 – Fall – ELA; Spring – ELA &  Math

Grade 4 – Spring – ELA, Math

Grade 5 – Spring – ELA, Math, Science

Grade 6 – Spring – ELA, Math

Grade 7 – Spring – ELA, Math

Grade 8 – Spring – ELA, Science

(Social Studies state tests were removed July 2017)

Policies and Protocol

Morning and Afternoon Procedures  What is the policy for drop-off and pick-up of students in the morning and afternoon?

Student Handbook Policies and procedures for students at CHATA

Dress Code  Is my child dressed appropriately? Check out our Dress Code flyer to be sure.

School Closing due to Weather Policy School policy during severe weather conditions

FERPA The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents and students over 18 years of age (“eligible students”) certain rights with respect to the student’s education records. Find out more about your rights here.

Seclusion and Restraint Training Parent Notification  Fully trained Teachers and Staff in Non-violent Crisis Intervention in accordance to Governor Strickland’s State mandate.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support Policy View the legal document describing our policy regarding Positive Behavior Intervention and Support.



School Supply List 

Supply List 2017-18: What school supplies do I need to get for my child?  Pencils? Binders? Crayons?  This link will show you what your child needs to bring during the first few weeks of school, and suggestions for things that will need replacing throughout the year.  Lists are by grade level.  Most supplies should be brought to the classroom teacher for distribution throughout the school year.  Don’t forget to put your child’s name on important items, like pencil boxes, notebooks, or backpacks.



Power School  use this valuable tool to access your child’s grades; parents must contact the school office to obtain a security code prior to use.


REMIND Text/SMS Service

REMIND use this link from your computer to register for this FREE text-messaging service and stay connected to current information from our school.  You will receive text alerts directly to your cell phone.  To Register: Click on this link- REMIND then enter e4384 into the ClassCode box and follow the instructions; OR download the REMIND app into your cell phone; text @e4384 to 1-234-312-6835 and follow the instructions.

Middle School Remind Notice





Study Skills & Test Preparation

Study Skills Booklet For Students and Parents  What can I do to help my child succeed in school? This booklet will provide you and your child keys on how to study, or how to prepare for a test.

DWB Chart Explanation for Students Do – What – Because; Help your child succeed on the OAA, practice how to answer extended response questions using our DWB tool.

Health, Safety & Well-Being

Emergency Authorization Form (ORC 3317.712 (B)) – This is the required emergency authorization form sent home annually.  We request that this be updated every year to help make sure are up to date about any medical concerns for students.

Family Resource Room – Visit our Family Resource Room just to the right of the front doors.  You will find many helpful brochures. Click on the link to find out some of the important resources that are available for you and your family.  Let us help you build a better life.

Empowering Parents – This website shares a wealth of information on how we, as parents, can help our children and raise them to be eager students and conscientious global citizens.  It is said that “parenting does not come with an instruction manual” – but this website comes close to help us all be better parents!

Flu Protect your child from the FLU. Learn about precautions you can take, including vaccinations for you and your child.  Also see Talking to Children About the Flu and Flu Guide for Parents for more information.

Homeless Families Resources  Please read about our Homeless Children and Youth Policy.

Wellness Policy  Our official district student wellness policy.

Positive Parenting to Help Prevent Drug Use – Learn what you can do as a parent to help prevent your student from using drugs.


Compliance Documents

Federal Title Programming:

Harassment Incidences Report (Oct. 2017)

Ohio PIRC Ohio Parent Information Resource Center

OH School Report Card 2016