High Expectations for Students – Students are inspired to master and expected to meet grade level benchmarks. There are no “social” promotions.

High Level of Support to Meet High Expectations  – Extended learning time allows students more time to master benchmarks. The longer school day and longer year also allow for a well-rounded education, where enrichment subjects are taught as well as the core curriculum. Differentiated Learning time is built in throughout the school day, primarily in English Language Arts and Math. The After School Tutorial is a free tutoring program for students who may be falling behind in meeting their grade level benchmarks. Full-Day Kindergarten is free and academically rigorous compared to private or half-day alternatives.

Passionate Teachers & Administrators Highly Qualified education professionals who have chosen to work in Education Reform and who share a vision for Global Education and for transformational change. People who have high expectations for themselves in giving students the support and exposure they need to fulfill their potential.

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