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Alexander Adams, M.Ed.

Head of School / Regional Vice President, Accel Schools

Mr. Adams was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and is an active member in the Greater Northland area community. Mr. Adams joined CHATA in 2012 with several years working with students in STEM programs through state-wide private and public partnerships. As Principal, Mr. Adams is responsible for leading our school academically and culturally, including the professional development and progress of our faculty. Prior to taking on the lead as Principal, Mr. Adams served as the Curriculum Implementation Specialist (CIS) under the previous administration. Mr. Adams holds a Master of Arts (summa cum laude) in Education from Mount Vernon Nazarene University, a Bachelor of Science (cum laude) in Education from The Ohio State University, and a Certificate in Corporate Community Involvement from Boston College.

Layne Romasco, M.Ed.

Vice Principal

Layne Romasco is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where she earned both her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degrees. She began her teaching career as a high school American and British literature teacher in a school for students with learning disabilities. In 2011, Layne moved to Columbus and joined the staff of Columbus Humanities, Arts and Technology Academy as a middle school, 6th-8th grade English Language Arts teacher. She then spent two years as a Read 180 teacher in Columbus City Schools, helping to improve the Reading skills of students who were performing 2 or more grade levels behind their same-age peers. In 2015, Layne returned to Columbus Humanities, Arts and Technology Academy, where she served as the Academic Director for one year and currently serves as the Vice Principal.

Staff Directory

  • Alexander Adams

    Head of School / RVP
  • Sandra Bove

    Intervention Services DirectorGrade Kindergarten-8
  • Brandi Curd-Watson

    Parent Liaison
  • Sharon Curd-Watson

    Service Manager
  • Matthew Imperato

    Vice Principal, School Culture
  • Jacqueline Leonard

    Office Manager
  • Sukia Neal

    Lead Administrative Assistant
  • Layne Romasco

    Vice Principal, Academics
  • Lisa Tennyson

  • Eriny Attia

    TeacherGrade 5-6 Math
  • Constance Ballentine

    TeacherGrade Kindergarten
  • Samantha Barnes

    TeacherGrade Title I
  • Charlene Batiste

    Intervention TeacherGrade Kindergarten-1
  • Jeffrey Belcik

    TeacherGrade 7-8 ELA
  • James Bradley

    TeacherGrade 3rd
  • Dorothy Burnside

    TeacherGrade 7-8 Math
  • Ian George

    TeacherGrade 5-6 Science
  • Heather Flint

    TeacherGrade 7-8 Science
  • Halen Core

    TeacherGrade 2nd
  • Cameron Fischer

    TeacherGrade 3rd
  • Cori Furer

    TeacherGrade 2nd
  • Shelby Jacobs

    Title Program Coordinator
  • Kristen Katricak

    TeacherGrade Tech Literacy
  • Emilee Murphy

    TeacherGrade 4th Math/Science
  • Melissa Leeder

    TeacherGrade 1st
  • Benjamin Saseyi

    TeacherGrade 5-6 ELA
  • Wyona Peay

    Intervention Teacher
  • Philip Meneses

    TeacherGrade 7th/8th
  • Jennifer Georgakas

    Intervention Specialist
  • Rashad Murrill

    TeacherGrade Music
  • Anne O'Brien

    Intervention Teacher
  • Tiarra Oxendine

    TeacherGrade 1st
  • Wyona Peay

    TeacherGrade 4th
  • Dustin Penry

    Resource Teacher
  • Jerah Pettibone

    Resource Teacher
  • Megan Rine

    TeacherGrade Kindergarten-8
  • Henry Savage

    TeacherGrade 3rd
  • Laurel Shapiro

    TeacherGrade 5th
  • Kathryn Spencer

    TeacherGrade Kindergarten
  • Amalia Tan-Lerner

    Title III Administrator
  • Chelsea Thomas

    TeacherGrade 2nd
  • Sarah Veronesi

    TeacherGrade 1st
  • Desiree Young

    TeacherGrade Kindergarten