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Welcome to Columbus Humanities

Columbus Humanities Arts & Technology Academy is a tuition-free, high performing community school serving K-8 students. We are an inclusive community of educators and students representing over 27 ethnicities. We work to develop life-long learners who will make a positive impact on society. We offer a global education teaching content and skills that are essential to living in a connected world and working in a global economy. CHATA has been rated A in overall value added and received a progress component grade of A for the 2016-2017 school year.

Why Families Choose Columbus Humanities:

  • Full-day Kindergarten
  • Safe, Secure Campus
  • Proven Academics as evidenced by student academic growth
  • Continuous enrollment, K-8
  • Daily Use of Technology
  • Art, PE, Music, and Spanish Programs

2016-17 Student Application


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We are participating in the
Kroger Community Rewards Program this year!
Please register and use the NPO# 37000.
Help us out!


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Our school is part of ACCEL Schools, an established network of more than 25 charter schools located throughout the U.S. We serve more than 9,000 students nationwide. Learn more about ACCEL Schools.